Production Log 09/03/15

This week my group tried to get as much filming and editing done as we had several pieces of missing or lost footage.

Our group had to re film several pieces of lost footage, this was mostly due to the fact that that, during editing, we either deleted them and deemed them as ‘bloopers’ or realized that they were only filmed from one angle, and therefore could not add any interesting or gripping shots to the opening. This process was rather frustrating due to the fact that we always found a new piece of footage that was lost, and had to re film it but in the end I think that it will greatly effective the film opening, in a good way of course.

This week was also a mixed week, we were, in some aspects productive, but in others not so much. We went onto finding and filming in a small local café. This café was, at the time supposed to be the last scene. Viv, Isaac and I then proceeded to edit this sequence, Isaac, Gwilym and I then went out and filmed Gwilym and I walking away from the police station.Map_Cafe


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