Focus Group – Our Film (THE CASE)

Our group decided to hold a screening to five young individuals, three males, and two females. Once the short opening had finished, we asked them the following questions. The questions we asked them are presented below in graph/chart form:

yesnoThis was the general consensus

yesno2This was each persons opinion, showing that 2/3 males enjoyed the film, and only half of the females did.

From this information we received, we gathered that one gender did not enjoy our film as much as the other. From this we later edited out any content which may be seen as offensive or sexist. This being Gibbs’ line “How did a woman get a higher status than us?“.

grphThis was each persons opinion on what could have been improved, the taller the bar, the more demand there was

yesno3This was peoples opinion as to who would watch the full film, if we were to make it.


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