Production Log – Week of 25/02/15

This week was again not a particularly productive one, this is because we could only use the office space for one hour that week. This is because once Viv had emailed the member of staff who’s office it was on the Monday, he said he was in there all 3 lessons. However, a few days later Viv emailed him again, and said we could use his office space. On the 26/02/15, we had time to spare so we began to edit with the footage we had already gained


Production Log – Week of 16/02/15

This week we got some filming done. However this week was not as productive as the last, this is because:

  • The desk had been rearranged almost completely
  • We needed to rush filming, as the camera was on quite low battery.

After looking over the footage, Viv had decided that we needed to do an almost complete re-shoot.

Age ratings

The age range for our film opening will be a 12A. A 12A may contain some strong language, links to sexual encounters, and moderate violence (for example, slight sight of blood in a medical drama for example), as well as imitable behaviour (dangerous behaviour, e.g. suicide) however does not dwell on the matter. We were able to figure out which age rating was necessary thanks to the use of the BBFC website:


Evidence of our work

The following are pictures as evidence for our work throughout the film, all of these images were taken on Isaac’s phone;


This picture is in one of the final scenes, just before the Superintendent gets kidnapped. We can just see Isaac’s hand as he is working the camera. This photo was taken by me.

This image was taken in the very first scene, when both Gwilym and I are leaving the Superintendent’s office, this photo was taken by Viv. Here we can see Isaac working the camera that we are shooting on, which is not one that image4school provides.