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Album Cover


This is the picture that is our final outcome for me and my fake band, we decided to use as some form of album cover. ‘Modern Departure’ is an Alternative Rock band with the intention of showing that we are in fact for the people. ‘Modern Departure’ is for the music lovers, for those who seek peace within society. The bands target audience is those who wish to rebel against any form of government or society, without causing havoc.

Planning – Album Cover


This is the planning that we did for our album cover for ‘Modern Departure’. We took inspiration from the bands ‘Wir Sind Helden’, ‘Wolf Alice’ and ‘Atlantis Awaits’. We chose these bands a) because they were Alt. Rock bands and b) because they had a female singer. We also thought that we were going to have more than one cover, but then decided against it because we thought that the one we went with was good enough by itself.


From when we first worked on our preliminary task, to where we are now, I feel as if I have learnt a lot during this progression. I feel like my camera work, which I had virtually no experience with before, has vastly improved, as well as my editing skills. In both of these fields I had little to no experience, and I feel like my skills have improved vastly, for example I can now edit several different clips to form one, as well as mute any along with adding music or voice-overs. I feel like these major improvements were mostly due to the fact that for both ‘BIG MIKEY’ and ‘WEB ADDRESS’ we edited using the software ‘Windows Movie Maker’ which is a mediocre editing software, whereas for ‘THE CASE’ my team and I used ‘Final Cut Xpress’.48573491_640timecodes4 Final Cut is a vastly superior software due to it being able to separate audio and visual feed as well as being compatible with another piece of software called ‘LiveType’, which enabled us to create titles for our film opening.

Throughout all this I feel like I mostly learnt about how to use the technologies in making our film. I did get to do a bit of camera work, but we used Isaac’s camera to film, and I didn’t use it that much, and anything I did do I already knew how, like press record and zoom in etc. Apart from this, with the camera work I learnt how to film quickly, yet well. And in terms of editing, all I really learnt about how to edit using proper, more advanced software. My group also looked at gathering other equipment to amplify the sound quality, however this proved difficult to come by.

My group and I decided that we would attract our audience by using some cliché’s of sorts. These cliché’s are stereotypical for the action/comedy genre. For example bad humour like being rude to residents and calling them an accident just for bumping into us, as well as a supposed ‘bromance’, which makes sense due to the two protagonists being male. Another classic comedic cliché is that the two protagonists are bad at their jobs. Check. Our main goal was to attract young adults so my group made sure that we included this ‘bromance’ as well as some ‘toilet humour’ or an impression of this happening later on in the film.

When researching different film distribution companies, I found out that the distribution companies that mostly deal with action/comedy and any ‘bromance’s’ are the likes of ’20th Century Fox’ and others similar to it. It is for this reason that my group and I decided that, if we were to finish and distribute our film, we would most likely use this company.share_logo

When we were writing and filming, my group and I decided that we would show a definitive hierarchy in our film, such as the Superintendent being the two D.I.’s higher up. Whilst we were looking at these social groups, my group and I decided that we were going to stick to the stereotype, and have the Superintendent as a ‘boring’ and ‘serious’, who is also very intelligent, completely contrasting the two D.I.’s. We represented the Superintendent as a smart, straightforward individual, by having Viv’s costume as a black turtle-neck, often linked to intellectual’s, such as Steve Jobs, a skirt and heels. We also decided to stick to the stereotype for these kind of films, where the protagonists are not good at their job, but then  pull through at the last minute. We portrayed the two D.I.’s as more idiotic and bad at their jobs by having their costume as a white shirt, to make them seem smart, but have a leather jacket over the top, a stereotype of thugs, who are mostly interpreted as rather stupid. We also had the D.I.’s wear common footwear and jeans to emphasize their sloppiness.

dsc_1130 Superintendent

Our film opening was, in many ways, similar to a real media product, such as the conventions used. This was probably due to the fact that this was what we were mostly focusing on during the process. Before we begun filming, we heavily researched the stereotypical tropes and the conventions of action/comedy films and television shows, we then managed to, when writing our script, stick to these tropes as much as possible. For example we took inspiration of the ‘bromance’ from the film ’21 Jump Street’. We decided to show the female Superintendent as a more dependent individual, which is a very typical trate of action/comedy films and TV shows.


This is mine and my team’s film opening, ‘THE CASE’. This project wasn’t like our others, for this one we had to make a 2-3 minute film opening rather than a short film. This opening could have been taken from any genre that we liked, so our group chose to go for an action/comedy, this turned out to be one of the hardest genre’s to complete, which was our groups goal, we did want to challenge ourselves to a certain extent.

Focus Group – Our Film (THE CASE)

Our group decided to hold a screening to five young individuals, three males, and two females. Once the short opening had finished, we asked them the following questions. The questions we asked them are presented below in graph/chart form:

yesnoThis was the general consensus

yesno2This was each persons opinion, showing that 2/3 males enjoyed the film, and only half of the females did.

From this information we received, we gathered that one gender did not enjoy our film as much as the other. From this we later edited out any content which may be seen as offensive or sexist. This being Gibbs’ line “How did a woman get a higher status than us?“.

grphThis was each persons opinion on what could have been improved, the taller the bar, the more demand there was

yesno3This was peoples opinion as to who would watch the full film, if we were to make it.

Focus Groups – Blade Runner

Blade Runner

The film ‘Blade Runner’ is a great example of a film is shown to a focus groups and is later modified. ‘Blade Runner’ is a film starring Harrison Ford and Sean Young, among others. It is a 1982 American science fiction film, set in a corrupt society. Several different versions of the film were made all with varying endings. When screened, the original version

got quite good feedback, although the focus groups didn’t enjoy the ending.  So there was an alternate ending version made, and Ridley Scott (Director) said that this is how he wanted it to end.

Director’s Cut

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are used to to judge films, and find any criticism. This is achieved by holding a screening to a select few within the target audience range. Once the screening has finished, the audience then gives feedback on the film, this then gets taken into account and final changes could be made to the film.

Production Log 23/03/15

This week wasn’t totally unproductive, but we were not able to finish filming. This meant that we have had to re-schedule. We did however continue with editing, as well as this we added titles. We did this using a program called ‘Live Type’, a program we were unfamiliar with. On the 25th we added more, but this time we experimented with different animation styles.

Production Log 09/03/15

This week my group tried to get as much filming and editing done as we had several pieces of missing or lost footage.

Our group had to re film several pieces of lost footage, this was mostly due to the fact that that, during editing, we either deleted them and deemed them as ‘bloopers’ or realized that they were only filmed from one angle, and therefore could not add any interesting or gripping shots to the opening. This process was rather frustrating due to the fact that we always found a new piece of footage that was lost, and had to re film it but in the end I think that it will greatly effective the film opening, in a good way of course.

This week was also a mixed week, we were, in some aspects productive, but in others not so much. We went onto finding and filming in a small local café. This café was, at the time supposed to be the last scene. Viv, Isaac and I then proceeded to edit this sequence, Isaac, Gwilym and I then went out and filmed Gwilym and I walking away from the police station.Map_Cafe